I-M-Board Innovations

I-M-Board Innovations Computer Programming for Kids

Presented by Sent Software

Computer Programming "Coding" Classes for 3rd-12th graders

Classes taught by real computer programmers - professionals who create software applications, web sites, and mobile applications - with a passion for educating the next generation of technology experts.


For children in 3rd-5th grades, Discoverers combines simple programming activities with important foundational programming methods and techniques. By using languages with visual, immediate results such as Scratch, Logo with turtle graphics, and SVG, participants will progress from pure visual programming to typed programming. Future programmers will discover the correlations and necessity of structure and syntax as well as the immediate rewards of visual languages. This is a fun, high-energy training experience for younger children with any level of programming or computer knowledge.

Snoopers and Explorers

Two grade-based sections for 6th-8th graders -- Snoopers -- and 9th-12th graders -- Explorers -- will immerse participants in real programming with Java in a world of virtual battle robots. Critical foundations for programming are taught, including variables, classes, functions, logic, design, control, repeating, syntax, libraries, compilation, error handling, and blasting your virtual opponent into the next dimension. Snoopers and Explorers will have fun while learning the challenges of a full-featured language, plus how to interact with the specifications and limitations of component libraries. Intended for an audience with little or no programming knowledge, or to enhance the skills of participants with an intermediate knowledge of programming, to foster interest in pursuing a course of technical study.


An intermediate to advanced programming section for high school 9th-12th graders, the Adventurers training embarks on a fast-paced study of the technologies that are defining the internet today, including HTML, CSS3, and JavaScript, and additional frameworks that are vital to web and mobile application design such as jQuery and Node.js. Participants will work through activities that build foundational knowledge of the core technologies, and focus on important programming methods for client-side programming with JavaScript. A review of critical foundations for each technology are taught, with the intent of providing the groundwork for continuing self-motivated learning and experience. Adventurers will build web pages along with a JavaScript internet server program, and create page effects from the ground up as well as incorporating visual effect examples from current industry sites. Intended for an audience with intermediate to advanced programming knowledge, to foster interest in pursuing a course of technical study, web, or mobile application programming.

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Registration is simple and puts your child in line to experience an amazing learning experience. Payment is due when registration is confirmed by I-M-Board Innovations staff.

Ask a Question

What's different about I-M-Board Innovations?

I-M-Board Innovations training was created by experienced software designers and developers who are currently building web sites and applications, databases, mobile applications, and servers. All classes are taught under the oversight of senior programmers with years of programming experience. This ensures that your child will receive training that highlights the most important areas needed for their future education or career in technology.

What happens during training sessions?

Training sessions are based on an alternating cycle of training, examples, and activities. Typically after every 20-30 minutes of training there is a 15-20 minute example demonstration followed by a 15-20 minute activity time. Each child has their own computer provided courtesy of Sent Software to maximize the learning experience for each child.

When do I drop off and pick up my child? Is there a place I can stay with my child?

For morning classes, please drop your child off between 8:15am and 8:30am. We will begin promptly at 8:30am each morning. We will finish up at 12:15pm and will be glad to escort your child to your car. For afternoon classes you may drop your child off between 12:45pm and 1:00pm. We will start at 1:00pm and finish up at 4:45pm. Feel free to text us 615-330-4633 with your child's name when you arrive. If someone who is not listed on the registration information will be picking up your child, you need to let us know when your child is dropped off in the morning. If you have a special situation where you need to stay on site with your child, please contact us to discuss your need.

Does my child need to bring anything?

Everything your child will need for the training in class is provided. For older classes, your child may want to bring a notebook and pen to take notes. We will not be providing snacks, but if you want your child to have a snack midway through the class we will take a snack break. Please do not send snacks with nuts.

What will my child receive from participating?

Each child will receive a T-Shirt (make sure you pick a T-Shirt Size when you register!), a USB Flash Drive with the child's work and a copy of any programming tools used during the class that were not online, a certificate showing completion of the class, 18 hours of instruction by and interaction with experienced computer programmers, fun memories, hints and ideas for activities to try at home, and hopefully a life-long interest in learning about programming and technology.

Where are the camps held and how much do they cost?

Camps are held in the offices of Sent Software, at 2800 N Mt Juliet Rd, in Mt Juliet, TN. You can enter from Mt Juliet Rd by the Sent Software sign, and drive through to exit on Due West Dr. Each week-long session is $250 per child.