I-M-Board Innovations Academy

I-M-Board Innovations Personal Online Training for Teens

Essential Tools for Game Development

Computer Programming "Coding" Training

Training sessions will include instructions and tasks for developing the programming skills necessary to create and update games using C# and the Unity game engine. If your teen has not done much programming, there are some easy tutorials that can be used to build their understanding in a matter of 4-5 sessions plus purchasing a training book online from the publisher.

Game Design Tools

Part of the key to becoming a successful game designer is to understand the tools. During training sessions your teen will be giving necessary instructions to get his or her platform set up to run the primary tools used in game design. Initially tools used will be freely available with no additional cost. As training progresses it will be up to you as a parent if you want to purchase more advanced tools for modeling that cost extra and can be purchased online from retail distributors.

Directed Game Development

It may be advantageous to go through a directed process using a game development guidebook with oversight by your teen's mentor. You may purchase the book directly from the publisher, and sessions can be spent making sure your teen is on track with the concepts and tasks.


For your teen, C# programming activities will be used to reinforce important foundational programming methods and techniques. Sessions will direct your teen to explore the structure and language of C#, object oriented architecture, and critical skills to interact with other programming frameworks such as Unity with C#. You teen will covers * Setting up the participant's system with the Visual Studio programming environment * Basic structure of a C# program * Simple C# program design * Variables * Data Types * Math functions and operators * Input and Output Methods * Debugging and Resolving Errors * Logic, logical expressions and operators * AND, OR, and NOT * Decisions with the If statement * Random numbers * Introduction to Loops and Methods * Arrays * Advanced Loops * Algorithms for Sorting * Intro to Game Logic * Using library interfaces * Key and Mouse Events * Variable Scope * Intro to Game Programming * Timers * Game Graphics * Advanced Decision Structures * Game Design projects

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What's different about I-M-Board Innovations?

I-M-Board Innovations training matches experienced software designers and developers who are currently building web sites and applications, databases, mobile applications, and servers with your teen to help them become programmers while in high school. All programming classes are taught under the oversight of senior programmers with years of programming experience. General classes are taught by experienced teachers using proven curriculum they have used in the classroom. This ensures that your child will receive training that highlights the most important areas needed for their future education or career in business and technology.

What happens during training sessions?

Training sessions are held online where the students sign in to the web conference site on the I-M-Board Toolbox, and join the interactive personal training. There will be review time, questions and answers, and discussion about the tasks to be worked on prior to the next session. Your teen must have access to a laptop or desktop PC or MAC, with the Chrome browser. Headphones and a microphone are also encouraged, though laptops with built-in mic and speakers may be used.

What is the class calendar?

Sessions can start on an ongoing basis and can meet regularly or on an as-needed basis according to the progression of the teen, and the financial commitment of the parents. Sessions are billed in advance with three options as shown below:

Directed Tutorial Session Option - 30 minute sessions at $30 per session, paid in advance, minimum of 10 sessions at a time, plus purchase of tutorial materials.  Sessions are cover topics in the tutorials and tasks related to those concepts.  Useful for initial study of language and game design framework.  Number of sessions required to get through each tutorial may depend you your teen, and the speed at which he or she works through the tutorial.

Starting at $300 for 10 sessions + tax if applicable

Personalized Session Option - 45 minute sessions at $60 per session, paid in advance, minimum of 5 session payments.  Sessions are tailored to your teen and require personal initiative to complete activities between sessions.

Starting at $300 for 5 sessions + tax if applicable

Flexible option - based on each point counting toward a minute of session time, can be used flexibly as multiple sessions, of varying lengths.  Minimum purchase of 200 points at  $325. 

Starting at $325 for 200 points + tax if applicable