What is Group Guide?

Group Guide is a web site and mobile application that makes planning and communicating online super easy for your active organization.

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Groups might include Homeschoolers - Co-ops, Tutorials, Activity Groups, Field Trip Groups, and Associations

Homeschool groups need Group Guide: Co-ops, Associations, Tutorials, and Activity and Field Trip Groups

Keep Track of Families

The Group Guide lets you keep contact information for your families in an online database, along with their children, children’s grades and ages, family phone, email, and address, individuals’ phones and emails, and more. When you set up your group, just send everyone a link to your Group Guide site to create their family’s account.

Group Guide users might include Churches - Sunday School, Bible Study, Small Groups, Church Membership, Youth Groups, VBS, Bible Camp, Bible Bowl, and more

Churches and Religious Organizations Need Group Guide

Churches and religious groups have some of the most difficult tasks connecting families across distance and interests into Sunday School, Bible Study, Weekly Small Groups, Church Membership Databases, Youth Groups, Summer Bible Schools, Bible Camps, Bible Competitions, and more. Group Guide gives you the foundation for long term connections with your families, and greater involvement in activities through the Group Guide mobile app.

Communicate in a Private Forum

The Group Guide message board helps you communicate to your group, and everyone to communicate together. Bring all your online communication into the Group Guide with the Message Board. With a flexible email broadcast list plus forum, administrators and families can distribute email messages to the entire group and all communication is saved to review online. Simply post a message from the web site, or send an email to your private group email address, and everyone gets the message.

Group Guide users might include Churches - Sunday School, Bible Study, Small Groups, Church Membership, Youth Groups, VBS, Bible Camp, Bible Bowl, and more

Daycare Centers, After School Programs, and Summer Educational Camps Need Group Guide

Group Guide makes it easy to sign up and keep your programs organized, with family contact information, activity information and sign up, and easy communication.

Post Activities, Events, Field Trips, and more

With online signups using the FREE Group Guide mobile app for tablets and smart phones (iOS and Android), activity and field trip planning is as simple as it gets. Just post your event, provide the criteria for attendees and volunteers, and your families can sign up with a few taps. You can even have them pay when they sign up through the app. Designate activity coordinators who can also keep up with who signs up, or who can create new activities.

Group Guide users might include Sport Teams, Clubs, Sports Associations, Sports Booster Clubs, and more.

Senior and Assisted Living Centers Need Group Guide

The simple interface of the Group Guide mobile app makes it a perfect fit for activity sign ups for Senior Adults at activity centers and assisted living centers. And it’s FREE!

Automatic Payment and Sign-Up Management

When families pay for an event online, their sign up information is recorded automatically for the event, and so is their payment information. Both administrators and families can view their payment information for an event at any time prior to the event happening. Event coordinators can also include event options, such as upgrade seating, guided tours, refundable ticket options, or food fees.


Simple is Better When Keeping Up With Sports Teams

You don’t want to spend hours trying to keep your sports organization on track when you are a volunteer and families don’t have long term commitments. With Group Guide its easy to have your parent’s and children’s information available wherever you are. Last minute information can be sent quickly and easily to everyone in the group. And there’s no worries about payments at signup with the online payments.

Information On the Go

Access information about activities anywhere from the easy mobile application. Upcoming activities that are available, activities you have signed up for, orders you have made, and contact information for other group members are all available at your fingertips. For activity leaders, easily see who has signed up for an activity and any options or special selections they have made for the activity.

Non-Profit Organizations need Group Guide

The FREE Group Guide helps you organize volunteers and attenders for your fund raisers, outings, activities, and service projects.

Simple Orders Made Easy

Managing groups, activities, events, and field trips also often involves ordering something. It could be camp T-shirts, pizza lunches, yearbooks, yearly achievement tests, group study books, a video recording of the Christmas play, or any number of other things. Special order activities are easy to create and manage, with payments made online for items with optional quantities, age, or grade criteria.

Private Schools need Group Guide

The FREE Group Guide fills in where your school management system leaves off, helping you connect parents, students, teachers, and staff for all types of extracurricular activities, paid and unpaid.

Getting Started with Group Guide is easy as 1, 2, 3, FREE

1 – Create Your Group Account and Database
You enter your group or organization name, your administrator account email and password, an abbreviation or short name for your group (this becomes your Organization ID for the Group Guide), and state, province, or region, and within a few seconds your Group Guide database and administration site are created. You can immediately log in to the administration web site that is the hub of managing your group families, activities, and private message board.

2 – Download the Group Guide App and Connect
You can look for Group Guide or Lovemygroups.com on the App Store, Google Play, or Amazon Apps for Kindle and install the Group Guide mobile app. Type in your Organization ID and login information and your immediately connected to your activities and family contact list. View and sign up for activities from the convenience of the mobile app, and easily find contact information for group members whenever you need it.

3 – Tell Everyone About Your New Group Guide System
Send your families the administration web site link to create their family accounts so they can install the Group Guide mobile app. Start organizing and growing your Group Guide organization now, FREE!

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