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Our first software creation, which is the Hub, was created by for a homeschool group in Tennessee and enhanced for use by homeschool groups all over the U.S.A. in 2015.  It is not a piece of software that you have to install. We host the software application on the cloud (internet), and you and all your group members can get access to it by computer, tablet, and smart phone as long as you have an internet connection.

The features of The Hub fulfill most needs that a homeschool group administrator has, and the Hub provides group members with contact information, access to school documents, a private group email message board/forum with no ads, class rosters, and a way to choose and pay for classes each year or semester online.

Please continue to read more about the features of the Hub, and contact us to schedule a 30-minute personal live online demonstration of the Hub for your leaders.

Group Guide is Now Available

Released to iOS, Android, and Amazon Kindle

Group Guide is the culmination of years of effort designing and building an online system that can manage Families and Activities simply.  The end result is a FREE online system with a Families Database, email-based Message Board, and the Group Guide mobile application for iOS and Android phones and tablets that allows group members to sign up and pay for activities. Your Group Guide starts with a group administrator, who creates a FREE online account for the group or organization. Then other members create their own FREE accounts on the new group administration site. Finally, everyone can install the FREE Group Guide app on their phone or tablet, where members can see and sign up for activities that the administrator or designated group members create. The group Message Board provides group-wide communication via emails, with an online forum where you can review the message history.  FREE to try, FREE to use, the Group Guide is your guide to easy management of your groups and activities.


Install the Group Guide mobile app now

You can click one of the below links, if you are on your phone or tablet right now. If not, you can search for "Group Guide Activity Planner" on AppStore, Google Play, or Amazon Apps, depending on your device.

iPhone / iPad:

Amazon Kindle

Group Guide
Price: Free


Group Guide
Price: Free

Software for Online Learning, Class Planning and Communication

Homeschool Classes, Tutorials, and Tutors

Our most advanced software product, the Toolbox, was enabled due to the cost and limitations of all comparable options for managing classes that include Gradebook, Lessons, Assignments, Tests, Messaging and Chat, Forums, and more. The Toolbox is not software that you install. We host the software application on the cloud (internet), and you and all your group members can access it by computer, tablet, and smart phone as long as you have an internet connection.

Leaders have full administrative access over their group, and they manage who can and cannot create and edit class sections (sites) and who are participants (students) in the Toolbox. Tutors, teachers, and instructors have full control within classes they create, and they can add lesson plans, grade items, tests that can be administered online, assignments, forum discussions, and more.  Students are able to log in and interact with teachers via messages and chat, and can get their assignments, grade reports, contribute to discussions, and take tests through an internet browser.

An add-on for the Toolbox has the added capability of a private virtual classroom with voice, audio, PDF presentation with whiteboard, and screen sharing. 

Please continue to read more about the features of the Toolbox, and contact us to schedule a 30-minute personal live online demonstration of the Toolbox for your leaders.


Group Guide is our new FREE online software to manage families and activities for ANY GROUP -- The Toolbox and Hub are classroom and homeschool co-op and tutorial administration systems that offer great features at an affordable price!


The NEW Online Classroom is and add-on to our Toolbox Classroom Management system. The integrated online meetings feature allows teachers to setup and record online meetings easily and student to connect from a single familiar program, the Toolbox! We can help you get started for the fall, or mid-year if necessary. Online meeting features include connecting to Toolbox Classes for Gradebook, Attendance, Assignments, and Tests, Fast Connect, Recordings, Screen Sharing, Camera and Audio, Upload Presentations, White Board, Breakout Groups, and MORE.



The Group Guide lets you keep contact information for your families in an online database, along with their children, children's grades and ages, family phone, email, and address, individuals' phones and emails, and more.


The Group Guide message board helps you communicate to your group, and everyone to communicate together. Bring all your online communication into the Group Guide with the Message Board.


With online signups using the FREE Group Guide mobile app for tablets and smart phones (iOS and Android), activity and field trip planning is as simple as it gets. Just post your activity, provide the criteria for attendees and volunteers, and your families can sign up with a few taps.


When families pay for an activity online, their sign up information is recorded automatically for the activity, and so is their payment information.


Family Access starts with an online account. Each family fills in contact information, family members, and online forms. All the family information is at your fingertips online.


The stress-free automated registration experience with the Hub lets families choose classes at their convenience. Administrators can preview choices and permanently place students in their chosen classes at the touch of a button.


Our full featured online group payments system lets your Treasurer manage family fees, teacher fees, supply fees, and print fee sheets with all you need to know what each family owes. The provided integration with Stripe lets you set up accounts for automated payments and online payments for registration and class fees – and easily keep track of who has and has not paid.


Bring all your online communication into the Hub with the Message Board. With a flexible email broadcast list plus forum, administrators and families can distribute email messages to the entire group and all communication is saved to review online. Simply post a message from the web site, or send an email to your private group email address, and everyone gets the message.


Grading your students' work has never been easier. Teachers and students can view graded material online, check class grades, and receive feedback.


Lessons can be uploaded to Toolbox, giving access for students to view your entire lesson, study notes, and links to internet content.


Students can post discussions and responses right on Toolbox. Teachers can post topics where participation is graded. Great for encouraging students to communicate to one another.


Teachers can have students upload assignments and tests right in Toolbox. Tests can be taken online and automatically graded. You can do grading from anywhere with no papers.



The online registration has been a huge blessing to us. So thankful for this service you provide. I know a lot of ladies that appreciate the no-stress registering.

September 18, 2016    Fort Worth, Texas   

This was the calmest registration ever!!

June 14, 2017    Bellevue, Tennessee   

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