Toolbox FAQ


Do I have to create a new class each year if I am teaching the same one each time? (2/11/2017)

No, you have the option of duplicating the class, which carries forward everything except rosters, grade book, and due dates.

How do I know my information is safe and will not be lost? (2/10/2017)

The Toolbox and the Hub data is backed up nightly by multiple processes and kept safe in three secure locations.  

Can I import from my current system into this one? (2/10/2017)

You can import using IMS Common Cartridge.

If I decide to no longer use your service, can I retrieve all of my information from your site? (2/10/2017)

You can export each site using IMS Common Cartridge.

How long will the grades be saved? (2/10/2017)

Grades are connected to the class site, and as long as that class site is not removed, they will be there.

Will this be a web site for my school? (2/10/2017)

No, not at this time.

When I register my school and my students for classes, are they automatically set up in the Toolbox? (2/10/2017)

No, your school administrator or individual teachers will need to set up their class “Site” in the toolbox.

Are the Toolbox and the Hub connected? (2/10/2017)

Either program can stand alone, or we can link the two, although you will have to sign in when you switch from one to the other. 

Can parents sign in and see the grades? (2/10/2017)

Parents can sign in with their student’s accounts.

Is the Toolbox just for Classroom Management? (2/10/2017)

No! The Toolbox can be used to help manage other kinds of groups, such as Clubs, Working Groups, Class Projects, Online Training, Church Small Groups, and More! For individual groups led by a single teacher, simply purchase a one-year subscription for Teacher or Home Educator.

How do students request accounts on the Toolbox? (2/10/2017)

Students can request an account any time using the convenient New Account tool on the main site page.  Student accounts can access teacher and home educator sites only when given permission by the site creator.

How does the Toolbox help me manage my class(es)? (2/10/2017)
1) You create your classes –
The Toolbox lets you create a new area, called a Site, for each class.  You create and name your new Site, and can give it a nice description for students to see when they log in.
2) You add your students –
You have control over adding students for your class site.  You can add students that have created accounts on the Toolbox, or for email access only you can add student emails that do not have accounts.
3) You create lessons and assignments –
You can put lesson material online (please make sure you obey all copyright restrictions) and you can create assignments with due dates, online assignment turn-in options, online grading with automatic entry to the grade book, and online and email feedback to students.  Lessons and assignments tools let you connect your class to your students so they have access from all of their connected devices.
4) You create tests and quizzes –
The “Tests and Quizzes” tool is super powerful with options galore!
5) You communicate with your Students with Emails, Online Messages, Forums, Polls/Surveys, Feedback, Chat, Resources/Dropbox, Announcements, or Syllabus
Communication is 2-way with the Toolbox, and can be suited to your needs. See the Features (link) for short descriptions of each of these great communication options.
6) You keep up with grades or scores –
Assignments, Tests, Quizzes, and Forum Topics can  link with the Gradebook for automatic grade posting.  You can also create unlinked grade book items to keep up with grades for assignments or tests you grade outside the Toolbox. Students with Toolbox accounts can view their grades at any time online
7) You repeat each year –
You can create a new class site each semester or each year that copies all class information from a previous class you taught.